this is not software from canon or officially supported by canon.
it´s written by myself for private use to make the editing of custom presets more easy.
if you choose to download and to use it, you take the responsibility of the results which evolve from using this software.
if you do not accept that, please don´t use this software.
if you accept, then download the latest xh editor (v. 0.55 b) or xl h1 editor (v. 0.56 b).
edit the custom presets of the xh a1/g1 and xl h1
you can write preset files to your hard disk and copy it to sd card. the names of the preset must be from PRESET01.CPF till PRESET20.CPF. the extension .CPF will be added by the xh editor. the internal name in the preset file is up to you and can be 8 characters long. the presets must saved in a folder PRESET (all letters capital) on the sd card.
this software is beta. if you use it then you do it on your own risk! there could be unknown bugs in this software.
if you find a bug, please send me a mail:
it´s inspired by the XH Tuner from Rudi Schmidts at
there you can find a good explanation how it is possible to edit the presets with an external application and write it back to sd card in a manner the camcorder is able to read it. you should read the article. the information is available in english too. until today i don´t have one of these camcorders. my information about the custom presets was compiled from the XH Tuner software which is only available for windows and from information from